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Posted by on Apr 11, 2017 in It Is Not Just About Crunches and Abs Exercise | 0 comments

It Is Not Just About Crunches and Abs Exercise

It Is Not Just About Crunches and Abs Exercise

It is a statement of fact that crunches or sit ups and abs exercise are very vital when it comes to building your 6 pack abs. This is because they all help in building a well strengthened core which is a basic necessity in getting that abs of yours.

Although these crunches or abs exercises are essential for the development of your abs, it is important to know that these exercises cannot burn off your stored fat.

No matter the number of crunches or abs exercise you partake in, you cannot burn more calories or fat neither can you develop sufficient muscles.

There is a popular belief that you can reduce fat in a particular spot, which is otherwise known as spot reduction. This is nearly impossible because the fat stored in the body is uniformly distributed.

Your body does not store fat in one part of the body. So trying to reduce the fat in just one part of the body is nothing but a myth.

In essence, you should endeavour to discard this misconception that has made the work of many futile and face the fact.

To burn fat, do not depend strictly on crunches or abs exercises. Instead include other high intensity exercises like Cardio or sprinting to your regular abdominal exercises and for that have a look at

As you lose fat all over your body, you gradually develop a well – toned body. While the abdominal exercises gives you your sexy 6 pack abs.

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