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Are you trying to lose weight in order to develop a 6 pack abs?

There is a great difference between trying to lose weight and trying to develop a 6 pack abs. However, developing a 6 pack abs involves losing body fat to a very low degree.

In the bid to lose weight you may eat and train to lose about 20 to 30 pounds weight daily. But for developing a 6 pack abs, you need to deliberately exercise to reduce your body fat to as low as 8% for men and 15% for women.

For you to lose weight, you need to look deeply into the things you ingest and make modifications where necessary.

For example instead of taking alcohol, you may decide to go for a bottle of water or recommended sport drink.

Or rather than settle for junks or fast food or snacks when you are hungry or on the highway, you may decide to take natural processed products like cashew nuts, plantain chips etc.

If your intention is to get the 6 pack abs, the procedure of attaining this goal is more thorough and detailed. You’d be required to take some specific healthy diet and embark on certain types of exercises. It might be interesting for you to know more about 6 PACKS Abs at

Nevertheless, there are three different mistakes people make as they are striving to get their 6 packs abs.

We will be discussing these 3 biggest mistakes that may impair your effort to build your 6 pack abs.

Excessive Calorie Intake

Do you know that it is possible for you to carefully follow all these abs exercise, or the many strenuous fat burning exercise and yet you would end up not getting your intended result?

Oh yes!! It is very possible simply because of the type and quantity of food you consume daily.

You can be following all the recommended exercise and yet unconsciously foiling your efforts with the amount of calories or junks and alcohols that you consume.

These massive calories intake will impair all your effort to attain your dreamed 6 pack abs.

Even if you have no choice than to eat snacks, go for protein rich meal. In short, your breakfast should be rich in proteinous  foods like eggs, milk, cheese, etc..

However, do not take excess of protein or overload your system with proteinous food. It is important to know that whenever you take protein rich foods, be reasonable and moderate.

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